IKEA FAMILY hej-Community

After more than one year of work with a team of about 60 people temporarily – the hej Community was launched January 31st 2010. And it turned to be a huge success – regarding the growth (no comparable community ever in Germany has grown to more than 30,000 users within 4 months – presently only 4 or 5 brands even have  this number of fans on Facebook!). Regarding visits on the website and commercial results at IKEA  there’s no dispute about the success.

Besides an outstanding design and uncommon functionalities – like the self-furnishable profile room where you can move in with your own Video taken at your IKEA store – , it is the combination of a strong strategy, a deep integration ith IKEA communications both on the national and the local base of the single stores, a very high motivated team of volunteer moderators and professional editors/administrators what boosts this success.

For me – the biggest and greatest thing in my career so far.

IKEA BILLY’s 30th anniversary – Fans construct a TV-Commercial

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of BILLY; the legendary book shelf, we invited people to create a TV -commercial together with IKEA. By shooting a photo of their own BILLY and uploading it to the Microsite, they would see it integrated directly into the nearly finalized spot. And they gained the chance to be part of the real TV spot with their own BILLY:

That’s the IKEA principle: One part us – one part you.

OgilvyOne promotion – Page 152-153

Imagine you’d have to communicate the skills of an online agency in a book – how would you describe it? How should people experience it? Maybe just by turning the book page into a website. In the book “Digital Trends”, the page 152 and 153 (where the promotion was placed) people just read www.seite152-153.de. And were invited to see the interactive work where it lives: in the web.

Here you can visit the website.

FOCUS Magazine – The Typewriter / Online to Offline send-to-friend

A little viral tool to re-stress the importance of writing kills and the ethics of “handmade journalism” in times where the online publishing capabilities tend to ignore the importance of the journalistic codex.

Cisco Unified Communications – Websoap “Alex+Pit”

Companies should realize that with Cisco’s IP communication, they have an intelligent technology  at their disposal that enables them to communicate faster, better, and at lower prices. Moreover,  we had to find a means to get into contact with Cisco in an uncomplicated and direct way.

With Alex and Pit, users experienced in a Websoap (planned to be be continued) the advantages of a Unified Communications Solution from Cisco.

IKEA BILLY SCREENSAVER “The times are changing”

THE CHALLENGE: IKEA is celebrating 30 years of BILLY. And that’s a hell of a long time for a piece of furniture.

THE IDEA: The times are changing – BILLY remains the same. Therefore we developed a screensaver that combines the passing times with the unchanged product.

After the first two weeks the screensaver was downloaded more than 2,000 times.

Download the MAC version here:


Download the PC version here:


IKEA Billygram – Facebook

THE CHALLENGE: IKEA is celebrating 30 years of BILLY. And that’s a hell of a long time for a piece of furniture.

THE IDEA: Content changes – BILLY stays the same. Therefore we developed something special: a Facebook App called BILLYGRAM. Users were able to post animated messages written with BILLY storage racks.

After a week 20,000 BILLYGRAMS had been posted.

Remark: My part in this was quite minimal. Great folks did the big work.

Send your own Billygram here:


60 Years of Human Rights –

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted 60 years ago, an important milestone that people should be reminded of. Furthermore, people need to be aware that these human rights only mean something if we all actively support them. Therefore we created an Email that made the idea of vanishing rights with its consequences very clear.

Here you can send a mail to yourself:


Here you can see and send the German version:


DHL – Send-to-a-Friend

To promote the Online-Services we just literally showed the online delivery competence of DHL. In cooperation with one of the biggest german web portals GMX, we turned the simple and well-known send-to-a-friend functionality into a real experience. When a user would send the page to a friend, he would see the page beeing folded into a package (the actual website he wanted to sent, mapped into the 3D package – thanks to Jens Franke and fisftyeight 3D). The recipient sees the delivery of the package and the website unfolding into the page he wanted to see.

Here you can still have a try (use the yellow adress-field at the bottom of the site)


Heart Race – The WipEout Pulse Pilot Recruitment Test

Since 1995 the futuristic racing-game WipEout is one of the most popular games for the Playstation. Besides futuristic graphics and breathtaking speed, an imminent factor for the success of the game is the soundtrack. And the new release with the name of “WipeOut Pulse” even strengthens this rhythmic dimension.


We put pulse and beat together and created the first heartbeat driven website ever. Devices sent to influencers in Press and Blogosphere had to be attached to the chest of the player, connecting him with his computer (using the pulse-device from sports). In the Online-Recruitment test we put the would-be-Pilot into stressing game situations, driving his heartbeat up. Unfortunately – a higher pulse rate leads to a higher difficulty in the game. What often increases the pulse rate … Lots of fun for the hard-core gaming community.

Zurich Insurance – Things happen

Well – accidents just happen. You just wanted to check your Yahoo-Mails and touched the banner. And then … see for yourself.

Here you can experience it on your own:


Nils moves in the hej-Community – Live interactive Web-TV

In order to draw attention to the start of the IKEA FAMILY Community, we used Nils, well-known from “Waiting for September”. He was the first denizen of the new IKEA FAMILY Community and moved into his new home on the Web on 23 January 2010. And people experienced a live interactive Web-TV show over a week, 7 hours a day.

Nils could be observed live via Web TV for 7 hours per day for one week, getting users acquainted with the features of the Community. And he used all media to connect with his friends: Facebook, Mail, Skype, Bubble-Chats, Cell Phone. He invited user to talk with him about the decoration and furnishing of his ne room, had parties, live musicians – and by that started the firs “core” of the IKE hej-community to be launched live by Nils.

Within a very short time, a very active group of fans found together, getting themselves up to speed for the Community.


We live in an environment where methods of communication are becoming increasingly complex and are dominated by blogs, Wikipedia and online forums, etc. where even Jimmy Whales, founder of Wikipedia, discourages from using it to study for exams. The student magazine FOCUS-CAMPUS wanted to call students’ attention to its quality journalism – in a playful, attention-grabbing, and unconventional way.

Instead of getting upset about bad websites, just shred them. The user enters any URL and witnesses how it is fragmented into bits. Instead of discarding the remains, they may be e-mailed to the creator of the site as a playful form of criticism. Or also to colleagues, fellow-students and friends. Those who wish to do the fact test can also go to www.focus.de.

The Analogue SPAMSHREDDER: Live Online-to-Offline-to Online Installation

An endless flood of spam E-Mails fills not only our inboxes – it also tends to fill our days and nightmares more and more. To end this problem, Cisco offers since March 2007 the IronPort Anti-Spam Application as part of the Cisco Self-Defending Network.

You want to get rid of these annoying floods of Spam Mails? Well, go to Cisco and see how the world-wide market-leader for network security solutions solves this problem. Spam by spam with the Analog Spam Shredder installation. Or automatized with the recently acquired and now deliverable Anti-Spam Functionality built in Cisco Network Security Applications.

Passport To – Banner für Sony PSP

Zusammen mit Lonely Planet brachte Sony für die PSP interaktive Reiseführer heraus. In den Bannern wird das beiets erlebbar für die User: Der Cursor verwandelt sich in eine PSP, die den Untergrund “entdeckt”. Visuell und akustisch.

View the banners from Paris, London, and Rome here:

German Banners

English Banners

Der Hacker Bruno H. – für Cisco Internet Security

Anfang 2005 wollte Cisco Systems, der weltweit größte Netzwer-Ausrüster und “Erbauer” des Internet, Aufmerksamkeit für die eignen Netzwerk Sicherheitslösungen schaffen. Wir schufen Bruno, den Hacker, der über 12 Wochen hinweg in den unterschiedlichsten Hack-Attacken verfolgt werden konnte. Banner brachten User auf die als Desktop-Oberfläche gestaltete Webseite. Dort war der Hacker gerade dabei, seinen Blog zu befüllen – und konnte vom User dabei gestört werden. Seine Festplatte, Daten, Videos, Bilder (unter anderem geklaute Cisco-Produktinformationen) und über 300 “private” Emails von Bruno konnten ausgespäht werden. Und weitere externe Webseiten von seinem Hacker-Clan “Routerz66″ und sein live-Blog konnten besucht werden.

Hier sind einige Banner zu sehen: